Cool Funny Poems is a collection of our favorite famous poems and poetry submitted by our viewers. We have compiled various Love Poems, Inspirational Poems and many more Funny Poems which are all time immemorial. We have also added some Funny Quotes and Sayings for our readers..This is our small bit to immortalize them. So enjoy these and have a nice day..


Death Poem on The Dark

A dark room in the mid of day
A striped sweater black and white
A bellowing at the door trying to come in
Surrounded by darkness
Light never enters
A brief whisper leads me off of this planet and onto the next
Goodbye world goodbye

By Sarah Daugherty

Emo Poem on Scars Will Scream

What I use is my secret to keep
My broken hear speaks the least
My tears that stream never peep
My scars do the talking for those who do no
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Wedding Poems on A Royal Proposal

A Royal Proposal

If you accept me as your king,
Then you will be my only queen.
And if that moment will really happen
Then I will give you a wedding ring.
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Funny Poem about A Perfect Snowball

I made a perfect snowball
As perfect as can be…
So I brought it in the house…
To sleep right next to me…
I made it some pajamas…
And a pillow for it’s head…
But last night it ran away…
It wet the bed….!!

By Samx

Love Poem on You Loved Her

You told me you loved her
Now I don’t know what to do.
I smiled and said just pick her
I’ll be fine not having you.
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Goodbye Poems on Saying GoodBye

There is a meaning behind every word,
There is hatred behind every sword,
And for every person
That has ever died,
Their sweet memories have been left behind
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Emo Poem on I Used To Be A Cutter

I use to be a cutter
Had a lot on my mind
Everyone said move forward
And leave my thoughts behind
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