You Are My Life

You are the smile on my face
You are the waltz in my walk
You are the sparkle in my eye
You are the melody of my song

You’ve always been a part of me
Yet you know nothing of my existence
I know that is the reality that is the deal

Your words of wisdom touch my soul
Your bright and innocent smile gives me hope
Your dark loving eyes fill me with joy
Which none could destroy

Sometimes, just sometimes
You are the only thing I live for
You are the light in my life
The saviour of my existence
You are my life…

By Naomi W

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6 Responses to “You Are My Life”

  1. awwww just so sweet

  2. This Is Beautiful!

  3. we half to jump up and down with a clown down town we half to eat a pie up high with that big fat guy

  4. this is a really good poem really nice job!

  5. this is a said and touching

  6. BEST Poem I have ever read, this really took my breathe away.

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