My Broken Heart

My broken heart
Swelled outta my ribs
Giving a throbbing pain
Of happiness? Joy?

No one knows
Blood flows down my eyes
Down my merciful body
And leaks on the floor
Scars mark my arms
A reminder he existed
What happened?

No one knows
My broken heart
Now shattered
Into microscopic pieces
No one can see
My pain
my problem
He is gone

Just like my broken heart
Never healed
No one knows
No one can see the pain
Behind my smiles
Behind my laughs
And behind my destroyed
Broken heart

Did he mean it?
No one knows
Did he want me hurting?
More and more each day
Passing miserably

And without a beat
My broken heart
A reminder
A treasure
A hopeless end
That no one knows

By Sami Borowski

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