My Tears

My tears are not of loss
But of time too quickly gone.
I miss our days together
Even while they’re going on.
I savor odd, sweet moments
When you laugh or when you smile,
Nostalgic for your presence
Though you’re with me all the while.
Strange how fantasy
Can wander in and out at will,
Looking back from somewhere
That is just beyond a hill.
And so when once you leave
You will not leave me alone,
For I will have you with me
Long, long after you are home.

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11 Responses to “My Tears”

  1. that is a very good poem

  2. lame poem

  3. thats a nice poem and soon ill write one back for you

  4. i really liked this poem it made realize that people leave without saying “Good-Bye”

  5. I LUV it, it reminds me so much of my love :,)

  6. i loved it. it’s far away from lame

  7. diz peom is gud i luv it

  8. Its was okay..
    Would have been a little better if i could understand it, bw…

  9. its okay its cool its chill im from the hood i dont know about this stuff maaaainnnnnn its all about that GUCCCCIIIIIIIIIIII

  10. it was a cool poem

  11. i like it !!!

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