I Stand Dark

As I stand in the dark not making a sound,
Dropping my weapon I fall to the ground,
Everything is blurry but before my eyes go black,
I start thinking to myself knowing I’ll never come back,
Looking at the floor blood surrounds my body,
And grabbing my phone cause someone starts to call me,
I go to answer and I hear that its him,
But before I could speak everything goes dim,
Partially hearing him tell me he’d made a mistake,
My body starts to tremble and my hands to shake,
Before I know it I’m lying on the floor,
Blue, purple, and cold cause I’m not alive anymore.

By Ali

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2 Responses to “I Stand Dark”

  1. So sad and so well written. I rlaley like the contrast between spinning that prayer wheel, the sad memory, and the absence of any floral ornament in her hair. Very concise tracing of the stages in a woman’s life. Did the former lover become a monk or priest? Hmmm, altar flowers, hmmm.

  2. it’s good.

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