Bleeding Wont Stop

The bleeding wont stop,
I cut too deep,
My hand is numb,
I’m falling asleep.

The pain is great,
I still can’t believe,
When i needed you most,
You decided to leave.

My face is wet,
Why am i crying,
You’re making her laugh,
While I’m here dying.

But before I leave,
I just have to say,
I love you so so much,
You’ll see you do too…..
…One day….

By Jenell

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86 Responses to “Bleeding Wont Stop”

  1. -.\\ that happened to me last week .

  2. very good poem.♥

  3. please go kill your self


  5. That is so sad! You should forget about that guy, and move on without that stupid boy!!!!!!!!!

    Peace and Love always……
    -LOLA :-]

  6. great poem mind if i use it for school?

  7. aww oh.em.jay. dats rly deep xD
    i ges we al kno how dat feels……
    rely sweet poem <3

  8. You emos,,,,,
    you make me sick to my guts.
    why do you do this sh*t all the time
    thinking that well you know you can just go around f*cking slitting each others wrist..

    … i mean really bud you have got to get a life if you had a life you could live that life instead of ending that life … you get it !!!!!
    I agree with old dillon up there you know he knows what he is talking about you guys should stop making everyone feel sorry for you and just end your freaking life !!

    Please take this message into consideration because this is the last time i will ever write to you or anyone else like you…

    Please stop spreading your hate..

    thank you PAT PAt 08


  10. This was a really deep poem, I know how you feel, love. XP

  11. I love this poem.It touches the soul.Great imagery , Jenell.I dont agree with Steve or Dillon…Its ppl like you that made us this way…There sre so many ppl in this world who will never begin to understand…and those who do end up dead…

  12. okay for one steve who the f**k do you think you are why dont you go f**kin kill yo self and stop judgin. ppl like you make me sick so you know what F**K U and i agree wit carlos its ppl like you that make us this way so just GROW UP and get ova yo self better yet go f**kin die peace out hataz..

  13. That’s really deep and I love it. Do you mind if I use this? you’re gonna get all the credit for the poem, though. oh, and Steve, Dillon, and Billy are gonna say the wrong thing to someone someday and get murdered and go to god damned hell! ESPECIALLY STEVE!!!!! No person has the right to tell someone to kill themselves.

  14. thatz wuz great but life goz if some one does that to you then they ll idiotz & they re not worth your tears or blood .the girl above me wuz right.dont kill yourselves do that too them.<3
    :( :)

  15. wow i love this one 😉

  16. some emos don’t slit there wrists they just like black and hate things in life we all don’t want to die

    i don’t want to die its just that there is parts of my life i hate

  17. i really do understand how you feel. it is hard to keep yourself togeher when it feels like everything is falling apart. all i can tell you is to try and stay strong. i know it is hard, but i have been in your position, things will get better and eventually you will find something competely worth your while and you wont ever be able to believe that you felt that way! stay safe!!!

  18. Holy f**king sh*t!
    Listen to your f**king god damm jabbering about people who are going to be murdered! F**K!

    And you know what …. F**k you Kaitlin … i’ll slit your f**king wrist myself!

    telling me this shit about me dying … Well you know what … F**k that too b*tch.

    I love life. Without a f**king life you wouldn’t be here.
    You just want everyone to turn their heads to you and say just how f**ked up youse look in ya black clothes.

    I see you people all the time and just Seeing you makes me want to have a little puke in my mouth! ( reference: MICKOS 08 ! )

    sul up ya dawgs.

    have a good time in hell after you get that blade and rip it into your f**king arm !


    PatPat 08


  20. Oh and Billy we are not freaks we live our lives the way we want to

  21. i agree with steve all you emos should go and drown yourself and do the world a favor

    this has been a message from big ranga “fixing the world one dead emo at a time”

  22. F**K! whaat is the deal b*tch!!!!!!
    All emos should die ! they are spreading their hate all over the world and our own lives are at stake !!!!
    Please o lord f**k this vermon off the face of our planet!

  23. im emo and i love to write poetry to get my emotions out, but sometimes i have to cut too. i know i sound weird, but the taste, sight, even the irony taste of blood is so addictive…

  24. Ok im not a big fan of the whole “emo genre” and i think the way they dress is pretty funny but at the same time, i think old ladies wear funny clothes, its only because the human instinct is to push away what is not familiar to them ,i dont believe in stereotyping people that are really just teenagers going through the hard times that majority of teenagers go through, they are just dealing with it differently, now the funny thing is, is that poetry is a form of art and and art is a form of expression.. at least these people are expressing how the feel in words and not actually out there cutting themselves up or jumping off cliffs!.. EVERYONE expresses themselves differently, if u want to really point your anger at something worth argueing about it should be at the fuckwits that are blowing themselves up and harming others at the same time… these kids are still learning and growing!
    p.s i did enjoy deepness in that poem.. although yea it was a little morbid, but you are expressing urself and thats a good thing!

  25. You know guys.
    I just hate emos thats all.
    Emos are attention seekers. They want everyone to fell sorry for them. But f**k….. that ain’t gona rise your self esteem. I tell you what could work why dont yous go and see counsillors or something and let them laugh at you 10 times harder than what i do when i see yous.
    have you ever looked in the mirror and just gone f**k thats me!!


    Mabey you have !!1
    Mebey thats why you all try kill yourselfs!!!

    harden the f**k up sulp G

  26. If all you’re going to do is comment on how much emos suck and how they should go kill themselves, then don’t leave one. Period. Consider dying yourself and do the world a favor.
    Seriously. We don’t need that sh*t, why do you think we do this f**king stuff in the first place.
    It’s called freedom of expression.
    So do us a favor and stay off these pages if you’re not into it, and grow up, okay? We won’t mess with you unless we have to, it’s not like all emos just band together to make you hate us.

  27. OMG! XxEmoxX I feel exactly the same way. ^^ Weird I know but it’s true. I wish we could get together and talk sometime ^^

  28. i got a knife here u can use it <==I= now go slit your thoat u fu*king life haters if u wanner cut your self cut of your fu*king arms bi*ches oh and while your at it why dont u stick a bloody grenade up your ass just for the plesure of BLOOD U FU**ING EMO PRICKS….

  29. good poem !

  30. what the hell? emos? emo is a genre of music and short foe emotional its not a fu**in person. pppl who cut have a reason to. thats not the point. there is not a f**kin name for ppl who cut themselves. if there was its not EMO! ppl can be emotional but not emo just becuse they cut.this forum thing is pathetic!

  31. that was the most emotional thing ever its so.. so …. so cool:)
    love it<3

  32. Dude what ever i am emo always have been always will be. Maybe its not us emos that need to die maybe it is all of you emo haters get a life and then let us take it away.. F*k emo h*rz u all fu*ing suck…go Kill ur own selves and let us live how we want to…P.s.Kiss my ass Steve…

  33. Thank you but just because we like blood doesn’t mean we cut ourselves, just wanted to make that clear. We may like emo poems and quotes abd be emos ourselves bu that doesn’t mean all emos cut. I hate stereotypes like that and it really pisses me off >.<

    Also, no offense but I support the first ammendant, freedom of speech, but if you don’t like emo poems or emos at all could you please keep your comments to yourselves on these emo poems. I have read all of them here and frankly it is just getting annoying hearing you all say that you hate emos and we should all die. If you want to say that I have no problem with it but please take it somewhere else.

  34. Emo Kiler, go Fk yerself.
    Get over it. People sometimes have such
    strong mental pain that cutting is one of the
    only options for coping.
    Wonderful poem, dear.
    Keep writing that way, and no doubt
    that you’ll be a famous poet one day!
    <3 <3 <3

  35. I’ll explain someting to all you emo haters out there. Right now I am taking sociology, the study of people. Teenagers eventually go through a pahse in their life where they try to find their identity. If they want to write emo poems and experiment with that to try to find their identity then I think that’s fine.

    It is not right, on the other hand, to tell people to go kill themselves. If they have serious problems adn are cutting themselves, then yes, they should go see a counsler or friend and try to sort their problems out. I’m empathetic and understand what that is like, but I am proud to say that I am dully recovered and do not cut myself anymore. I still do like blood however and that shouldn’t make me emo or anything because I can bet you a million dollars and tell you with complete confidence that if I was walking down the street you would not be able to label me as emo.

    Labeling and stereotyping is wrong for many resons but mostly because that the world isn’t black and white but full of beautiful colors. Just because someone may be emo doens’t necessarily mean that they want to die, maybe it is just a phase of depression, but of course most people wouldn’t know because most of us are too quick to judge and don’t try to find the real root to the problem.

    All you emo haters out there can say what you want because I don’t care and you really don’t know us at all. Im done ranting and anyone can applaud or critisize me for what I said but consider what I said because most if not all of what I say is true. If you don’t want to believe that it’s fine but watch what you say because one day someone might actually kill themselves.

    Jenell, I love your poem and don’t listen to what any of these haters say. My friend ,n_e_LL_e, and I want you to keep writing your beautiful poetry. ^^ Writing poetry isn’t only a way to express my emotions in a nondangerous way but it also helps me to cope with them. If that’s what you need to do to cope then go ahead and let your emotions roam free. :) Look out for me and n_e_LL_e because we are most likely going to be posting poetry up her as well. ^^

  36. well i just find out that i am emo it werid b/c i didnt want ot accept it but!! i am and it a whole different worl whichis my place!!


    melissa:i also happen to know someone emo and she dont care wat u think so all u emo’s dont worry we got ur backs

  38. well, i like it, kinda 9/10, it touched me a bit xP

  39. I love this poem.And all you stupid emo haters telling us to kill ourselves,I say F**k you and mabey I will kill myself!Whatever I am Emo and I love the poem.

  40. wow this is amazing
    bravo, bravo my friend
    Je t’aime

  41. i agree with XxEmoxX im addicted to the taste of blood

  42. well………its a cool poem

  43. damn gud poem!!! very well expressed!

  44. i really love this poem :)

  45. that was an amazing poem
    well done

  46. I think this is great you are a great poet and I feel the same way for this boy named Adan but I think it is starting to get easyer to forget him Love always E.E.

    That means Emo Evelyn thats what ppl call me.

  47. hey, my name is mariah and i love this poem. i am a published poet and a lot of my poetry is in the same format this is very very well done i love it a lot!!

    for anyone out there that think these poems are stupid or the poeple themsalves are or even the style. look around you each person has there own personality. one of these day someone else will say the same to you all of us who are emo or in any sence that style we luv each other and thats how it will be forever. we will stand for eachother and people like you wont get to use we think differentlybut its not a bad way to think. everyone including you guys you think your way we think ours so please if you dont want to see it or hear it you can easily avoid it. dont read them dont even look in the catagories. cuz we will always stand up for one another.
    luvs to all you guyz that enjoy these kinds of things!!! cuz we are all in the same family!!

    luvs yas Mariah <3 <3
    poet, auther

  48. Them prats need to stop telling Emo’s to stop cutting themselfs,
    Its their life, and their choice,
    If it makes them feel better and they can stand the pain then they can go ahead,
    I cut myself,
    cus of my stupid $hit life,
    And It’s pretty addictive, cutting yourself.
    so just stop it okay, you f**ktards.

    I like the poem.

  49. emo_pridexxXX, the taste of blood?
    I drink my own blood but not others, people are like “EWWW” when I drink my blood and tbh it does taste pretty nice 😀
    Im more addicted to the sight of it though,
    It’s different from other liquids and its inside of you, so yeah, that kind of amuses me. :]
    It’s nothing like ketchup,
    Ketchups lumpy. 😛

  50. to melissa and paige do you know this in on a computer and you cant save all those emos fags ima get em all eventually and hang there heads in my room cuz fuckin sweet like that nomesayin

  51. i really like this poem. i know exactly how ur feeling!
    i cut too, and i say f*ck all of the ppl that r against it!
    seriously, if u dont like it then stop reading it!!! obviously u dont have much of a life urself if all you do is spend ur time making others feel bad. ur not better than us! at all! so stop acting like you are…honestly! how do u sleep at night knowing that you are contributing to other ppls pain?!
    i support cutting………..
    if it helps you to feel something – anything- than do it…..

  52. Omg that atuall made my eyes water
    its soo gd
    plz don’t kil urself

  53. for the ppl that said that to go end your could you?
    life is beautiful. i used to be like this.
    thought hurting myself was the only way.
    but cutting only makes it better for a few moments..
    is it really worth it?
    when you realize all life has to offer..
    it gets a hell of a lot better.

  54. To Steave.
    I don’t think it is right to say those kind of things to these people.
    Yes, imma goth. People stare and treat me different. I don’t care.
    Oh and loved the poem, very deep.

    Steve, next time think before you say something that so many people well hate and disrespect you for.


  56. im jus a real person and im not here to tell u ne thing that u dont already know. i just wanted to say that ur poetry was beautiful. it had depth and tht is very rare in those ppl who try so hard to be what others think they should be and not themselves. i dont know u as a person but i have a feeling tht to some extent we are in the same place in life or used to be. i love ur writing

  57. i just wanted to say to anyone who’s wasting their time reading this poem when they’re just going to leave a stupid comment about how emos suck and should just kill themselves that yea i’m sure some people are emo just for attention but there’s people out there who cut and think about suicide and try to convince themselves not to do it and tell noone…….. the ones that don’t necessarily wear black and all that , the ones that are really going through pain, the ones that put a smile on their face and pretend everythings okay….. they don’t do it for attention, they do it for a way to escape…..

    i love this poem so much u did a great job! thanks for sharing it

  58. I say that all the people who are against the who cutting thing need to learn why people do it. It helps to relive stress and it helps to just be ourselves. I do it because i have so much F**king stress in my life and it helps. I try to stop, but having the pain feels so good. I say let us cut. And if you hate us then you are are F**king stupid and should go to hell.

  59. i love this and dont listen to the losers tht are mean. its amazing and deep and amazing!!!

  60. EYY…im emo 2…im not jus saying that 2 be cool or anything…i cut myself 2 cuz all tha haterz hating on us…sooo wat if were emo we live r life and u live urz….F**K u steve…i almost killed cuz myself cuz my girlfrend broke up with me….i still really really love her….but shes confuuzed….i really loved this poem…i write poetry 2 :) dont worry jenell…im excactly tha same like u….i have tha same pain u haves…i kinda still do wanna kill myself cuz i still cant git over my girlfrend….now it feels like tha end of tha world…..Forgit about all theze emo haterz….we live how we wanna live nd they live how they wanna live… really mad at all tha haterz….cuz they dont see tha pain we feelz….they dont understand wat life is really aboutz…..they just carez about money and nd all that crazy sh!t….nd they call us weird?……were all weird in r own special way nd im glad im emo cuz tha ones whu hurtz tha most is tha onez whu gitz more lovez :) i really loved ur poem…it made me cry in a really good way……….i lovez u :) laterz :)

  61. nice poem… and blood is pretty cool

  62. look steve!! EMO people are nice people! im a prep and i go out with a emo!we realy love each other and people like u giveme hell!!! idc if my boyfriend is emo! i iove him!!!

  63. wow, this poem is beautiful, it made me cry… it says exactly how i feel because i was recently cheated on and it hurt so bad

    and for all you people that are saying emos make you sick, shut the f**k up, because obviously you havent ever been hurt badly and people that write poems like this write them to let the emotional pain out because they can’t stand the hurt anymore, and people that cut themselves do it to let the emotional pain out as well. sometimes when you’re feeling that bad it’s the only way to make you feel better, and i’m not saying that all emo’s cut themselves and are depressed either, because i know cheerleaders that do it… so shut the f**k up.

    peace out :) this poem really touched me, it\’s beautiful

  64. this is a beautiful poem it made me cry.. :(

  65. I really liked the poem, it was really deep and full of details! Your gonna be an awsome poet one day! 😀 But wow, really? People like Steve need to shut the F up, they’re being d*ck heads- don’t listen to them; everyone has a way to express themselves!! I hope you feel better though, if he left you then he’s not worth it. Your probably better off without him and your pebBly better than him!
    Bye loves!!!
    ~sArA :)


  67. I loved the peom it sounds just like me

  68. I loved it

  69. …one day soon!!!

  70. learn to live
    live your life
    your life
    was your love
    that makes
    your heart broken

    i love your qoute!!!!!! (\\/T_T\//)

  71. This poem is awesome. I effing love it. <3

    Btw, emo boys r like so freakn cute & awesome. 😀

  72. i really love your poem and i feel the same. feels like your traped in a dark hole and cant get out

  73. Listen here.!
    Im 13, Im emo.
    Theres nothing wrong with being emo. God damn you ppl tellin to us to end it are pathetic. Why dont you take a walk in our shoes and feel how much pain we go thru in one day.
    I get made fun of at school alot, im in advance classes Not bc I wanna be bc they make me. But im with preps all day the call me names and pour water on my peoms n shit. Soo stfu cuz yo dont kno what we go thru.

  74. i understand that cutting yourself is an adiction so don’t think u can just stop i know this for a fact.

  75. Im gettin tierd of all yu emo haters, its a life style that we wanna live its not yur life! get over it get a life,,, llive it the way yu wanna live it,, and we will live ours how we wanna live ours.

  76. thats quite emotional :-)

  77. that is basically my whole life, la la luvvED the poem,,, and once again for al u haters, stop being so judge mental, have a heart,,, GET A LIFFEE!!! 😉

  78. This poem is really good :) I hate how people hate emos when they don’t even know us or what we’ve gone through. It makes me sick when I read comments that tell people to go kill themselves it’s just wrong.

  79. This poem is really good. i enjoy it alot :) you have a future as a poet if u try u can do it
    and all u people that tell these people to go die or kill them selves stop looking at these poems.
    maybe its not what u believe in but its what they believe so just go away u have no right to tell them what to do.

  80. @ dillon, steve, billy, emo killer and emo killer 2,

    people write here to express how they feel, and they don’t need you guys being so flippen inconsiderate!
    if you don’t like emo’s then why are you reading their poems?
    and you say they need lives, when truth is you do…

    just take that into consideration next time… and if you don’t like emo’s then ignore them and carry on with your own lives, it’s not up to you what decisions people make…

    Personally Jenell i really love your poem, it’s moving and beautiful, so despite what anyone says, keep it up, you have real talent…

  81. wew .. this poem was so good i really really luv it .. 😀
    being emo is not bad .. it’s just only a few people understand the deeper meaning of emotional …

  82. this pome speakes to me i know everyone says that but its true, i understand exthatly what ur goin through i wrote somethin like this. i know u dont need to take this advice but try to move on or u will lie a wake dreamin of dyin. u should let that guy no what ur goin through he might suprizz u or try talkin to ur friends. it may help u a bit. btw sorry if u take afence none entended

  83. I love this poem. I went through something like this, but the thing is the guy still wanted to be friends. It hurt, and it hurt a lot. I couldn’t even listen to a song for a really long time because it reminded me of him.
    I’m not emo and I don’t think I ever will be, but there is nothing wrong with emo people. If that’s how they deal with pain, that’s how they deal with it. Telling people to go die doesn’t solve anything. Neither does fighting. The only thing that I don’t like is suicide, but emo is not suicide. A good way to cause suicide, though, is to tell people they’re “wrong”, to go die, and that nobody likes them. People should just be who they are without others telling them to be something else. If someone doesn’t agree, that’s fine, but don’t leave comments if you don’t like it. Don’t even read it if all you have to say is death threats.

  84. And I completely agree with Claire. I have nothing against emos. But I have problems with people who tell them to go die. I have a problem with anyone whotells another person to die, so for all of you haters out there, if you must read things you hate for your amusement, dont comment. Read, laugh at it, then leave. You’ll be pushing them farther down the well (sorry but I lolled at the image of someone doing that) and that isnt right.

  85. I think all the other “emos” said it all… may think cutting is stupid and u wouldn’t be the first but it doesn’t give you the right to put others down because of it. Its because of people like that that we do what we do. There are reasons and you’re entitled to your opinion but don’t get all pissed when we didn’t do anything to you, and really you have no right to look at these poems because they’re beautiful and getting hating emos because they hate life makes you just as bad. Just help each other and maybe there’d be less cutters…we have to stick together. <3

  86. pathetic! I hate it when people like you starve for attention so bad that you talk about killing yourself! I bet your a cutter too huh? You just keep eating up that attention….I’ll be over here ROLMFAO at you while you look like a pathetic dumba$s cutting your body up and threating to kill yourself so people will say ” aww this poor person needs extra attention and love”…it’s sad really pathetic and sad that people go to this kind of measure for attention and to get what they want. You know, if you really wanted to kill yourself, then you wouldn’t go around talking about it and tell people…bc deep down you know they will stop you. That’s why you talk about it. If you really wanted to do it then you would do it in silence so nobody would know about it and they wouldn’t be there to make you stop. That’s the pathetic attention $hit I’m talking about….LOSER!!!!

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