Emo Poem on I Used To Be A Cutter

I use to be a cutter
Had a lot on my mind
Everyone said move forward
And leave my thoughts behind

But everyday I tried that
Things seemed to just get worse
People ask me if I felt it
But to me it doesn’t hurt

People scream at the thought
Ask me how I could do it
Go thru a lot of pain
And its not that hard to try

It’s easier than hurting
It’s easier than to cry
I keep my pain within me
Hoping it will go away

But these horrible memories
Just seem to want to stay
So day after a day
A new scar is made to make the pain go away

Some times it helps
Sometimes it makes it harder
But I’m over the pain
Yet its already driving me insane

I hope that he’s happy
That one specific boy
Just for that one moment
Turned me into his toy

By Destinea

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