Best Friends

Friends last a long time
But best friends last forever
Friends may backstab you
Best friends would never.

Friends are great
But best friends are greatest.
Friends may lie to you
Best friends expose the fakest.

Friends sugar coat the truth
Best friends tell you straight up.
Friends try to defend you
But best friends threaten to cut.

When all is going rough
And you really need to depend,
Friends may not be there
But you’ll always have your BEST friend.

By Jonah Thomas

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5 Responses to “Best Friends”

  1. omg that is one of the greatest poems i have ever read

  2. you should keep writing great poem

  3. Thank you guys :) for the love <3

  4. I like this one I will use this for my best friend card that I had for a while naw. plus this poem is the best I have seen I like it , it is great

  5. I like this poem its the best. I’ll use it on my best friend card that I’ve had for 4 years I’m lucky I saw this , jonah this is a really good opportunity for u to keep doing poems like this I just wonder were u got the pasion from :) good luck

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