Friends are people who love each other,
forgive and forget one way or another.
Care no matter what,
not an ‘if’, ‘and’ or ‘but’.
Do things without thinking,
that hurt people without blinking.
It becomes to late to forgive and forget,
and loose the feeling of when they first met.
When they think the friendship is done,
the fighting is over and what starts is the fun.
But sometimes thats not always the case,
the person that got hurt never wants to see the others face.
And so the friendship comes to an end,
except for occasional glances they rarely send.
Phone numbers get deleted and fights occasionally occur,
Memories fade and become a blur.
Untill not a single word is said,
the hating goes on even after there dead.
So the story ends with a sad goodbye,
and both of them think back and ask themselves ‘why?’.
They see eachother in heaven and begin to smile,
then they remember why they were mad all that while.
God is watching and has wanted the same,
for such a long time he’s tired of this game.
God has talked to them but it didn’t do anything,
and since they got there the angels would not sing.
They keep there distance and including this,
there old friendship they will always miss.
They keep on hating and it’s still unending,
what they dont realize is that friendship is a blessing.
The message of this is to never hate,
the friends that you have are your fate.

By: Kayla Adams

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9 Responses to “Friendship”

  1. I love this poem it is so true.

  2. This is so true, I lost a friend such as this and miss her everyday. She was such joy to be around her smile would light up the the darkest day, her laughter was like music. I wish I could fix what went wong but I do not what it was; because she never told what I do to hurt her so badly. I am sorry and I miss you.

  3. that poem was awsome ,and so true sence i really liked it i sent it to all my friends and they said that that you the riter of this poem should do many more poems . i lost a ffriend such as this and wonder everyday if i would i ever got in contact with her and send her a friendship poem if she will come to me and we can be friends again

  4. thats depressing

  5. it the really sappy and dum make it s

  6. wow thats really good
    it made me sad ive gone through a big fight with my best friend and now i regret every thing that happened cuz well never b the same again


  8. i really liked it a lot and it really expresses a lot about friendship.

  9. that is totallly true thats what i sometimes think about me and my bf christina but i hope it never happens.

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