Dont Lose Hope

Don’t be discouraged on what’s around you
The world is big and you’re not the only one
Stop acting like you’re alone because your not
They might not be close by but there are people out there who know what you are

What you’re going through
So don’t act like I don’t care
Don’t act like I don’t understand
Because truth is, we know more then you

So give us a chance to explain to you
Give us a chance to show you

I want to be by your side when you fall
I want to be the one who is there for you to talk to
I want to be the one who helps you
I want you to know that if you turn around we will be there
I want you to know that when you are on the verge of falling,

I will already be on the bottom to catch you
So don’t lose motivation
Don’t lose hope
Don’t lose yourself in this moment
I love you and I don’t want anything to get in the way of you accomplishing your dream
So stay bright, stay true
Stay yourself
And be you

By Maggie

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  1. This is true just be you and thats all you need is that one friend or more there for you

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