The Lopsided Tree House

Today I saw my father build the most horrendous thing!
A wooden box with doors and windows sitting in my favorite tree!
A few years late but there it was – a painful thing to see!

He’d promised me that when he was done I’d surely start to sing!
Well, I think cry was the word he was searching for ‘cuz that’s exactly what I did!
The thing was green to match the tree – I told him it’d scare any kid!

A place of joy and fun it wasn’t ‘cuz inside the thing were worms and bees!
And Hurricane Dolly, with all its winds and might, couldn’t knock the green thing down!
I wish it had but there it was despite the storm’s destruction all across our town!

Dad wants me to play in it – pretend the thing’s a mighty ship sailing across the seas!
And I tell him this – it’s square and green and crooked and a safety violation!
I’m sorry, dad, but not today I’ve got another tree as my destination!

Submitted By Albert

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