A Wonderful Life

I live insilence I am alone.
Hidden tears while no one knows.
Painted smiles fill the slot while my pain is still aloft.
Why is it me that i like to cry?
Can I fly away to a place far away?

As if they notice either way,I am not happy in this place.
Like I live in hell in disgise.
A heaven too far away.
I need out of this miserable place,to a place I can stay.
Happy and weightless,with no one on our back.freedom with wings still attached.
As if this shall happen in my life,its all one big hole
A dream never to be.
Can I climb my way out, or shall I die as I drown?

By Selena
To my parents who never seem to notice the real pain inside of me that i have to hide in order to be alone with you away from me…

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9 Responses to “A Wonderful Life”

  1. Heey Thats an awesome Poem! I love it! Thats kind of the way i feel 2ooo!

  2. i feal the same way and i love this poem

  3. …..mi..god….i am only 12 years old and i feel the exact same way….

    like i never belonged here…. were all my family is sooo….

  4. wow thats realy deep sometimes i feel the same ..but
    allways remember theres good in life and its ok to share your feelings with people ….(trust me it helps but it takes time) :)

  5. I really love this poem and i feel the same…. you know what they always say “Life must go on, it’s your choice to make it good or bad”:)

  6. i feel the same way… :'(

    just remember that whenever you feel that way, you’re not alone.


  7. i feel like that sometime but the poem is good…. this poem is really deep and touchin inside of people i hope u got more like this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. the poem is deep i feel like that when i fight with my mom or dad its really hard for people when they are going through alot ***********

  9. im sorry for all of you’s out there that feel that way!! itz a little annoying to have a perfect life wen theres money nd everything u need but remember in life there is always SORROW :'(

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