Gone But Still Dying Here

You were the one, the one I loved and adored
But now that you’re gone I feel as if…
As If I can’t feel anymore.
You were the light that broke throught the night
guiding me forward..
You were the string holding my life in place but now I fall.

I should have told you how I felt
I should have stood up for you
I should have been your helping hand but I was never around to catch your falling tears.

I just wish there was some way to bring you back to me
And maybe just maybe I could show you how this was meant to be.
But now that you’re gone I know you’re watching me from heaven

To gaze in you’re eyes would make me faint
To feel your touch would make my own heart skip a beat.
To hear you say those words meant nothing to me back then but now it means my whole world.

I want to be your girl that you cared about..
I want to be the girl who believed you when you said “I love you.”
Now that you’re gone I feel as if..I’m dying…

Dying drom the betrayal and pain that now runs through my veins
Dying from your love in which I wish I could have once again….

By Brianna L.

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2 Responses to “Gone But Still Dying Here”

  1. People need to think when they make fun of someone thats a death waiting to happen. So think what you do befor dont make fun of people that would be one less death so you never know what you got till you lose it take it from someone who knows about it.

  2. If someone is different and they feel that there dying as they have lost someone dear to them it wont help if people pick on them for who they are.People should keep there opinions to themselves and not judge a book by its cover caz that person could be realy hurt.

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