I Remember

I Remember but Kiss Me One Last Time:

I remember your touch
your feel
your heartbeat
your lips on mine
your hand holding mine
your arms around me
then you left me,

I remember you
when you climbed to the top
of the building,
you yelled to me
you said you wanted
only a wish
from me,

If you jumped that
I was to give you one
you jumped off the edge
i ran to you,

I remember you smiled up at me
i smiled with fright
thank goodness
you were ok,

I remember we walked
in the middle
of the street
you asked me
for that wish,

I remember how
i felt
i looked at you
you looked at me
you kissed me
i kissed back,

I remember you walked
home and
looked back at me
i smiled and
turned away,

I remember
everything changed
you loved me
she threatened you
we were no more,

I remember you
stood up for our love
she was gone
we were together,

I remember our kisses
our love
your love for me
my love for you
the butterflies
and the truth,

But I want to forget you,
how you forgot me
and our kisses
I will always remember
our first kiss
all those others after that one
then you left me
babeā€¦..kiss me
one last time.

Dedicated to: Justin J.
True story:-(
I wrote so many others for this guy.

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11 Responses to “I Remember”

  1. odly i was reading this and thinking and i just got dumped by a guy named justin and you dedictaed this to someone named justin

  2. I’m Sorry.

  3. Omg!! I love this poems so much. I love this so much.

  4. This poem is amazing, it really has true meaning. I wrote a poem like this about my gf too, but it was nowhere near as good.

  5. This is really guud ;; its weird because i just got dumpedd by a guy named justin

  6. AMAZING poem, its lovely!!!!!

  7. omg so touchy poem :’) its great (: xx

  8. wow
    tht rly touched my heart

  9. The best part about this poems is that it it was made with true pure feelings and it can be seen in every sentence. It has emotional value. great job i really liked it :)

  10. sam is right this poem has true meanning, i love it!

  11. i love this poem it sounds like me with this one guy

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