When I Wake Up

When i wake up in the morning and you are not there
i try to move on without giving a glare.

I try not to think about the bad
but try to think about the good
there are many reasons why i am scared
but one for sure is you cheated on me..

I wrote this poem because i have experienced a time
when i was somewhere lost and confused
when my boyfriend was not there and there was a reason to that!!!

By jelky

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5 Responses to “When I Wake Up”

  1. here a poem for you.
    you must of wrote this poem when you were sad.
    but don’t be emo get glad. remember the good times that you had.
    this world is’nt so bad.
    screw that go home and cry.
    cut your wrist give it a try.
    close your eyes and say goodbye.
    he don’t care . tell him to go grow a pair.

  2. gawd… is kle everybody on here lke experts!! reallt tighht jeans that was really good adn jelky that was amazing!!!!!

  3. this is very sad but i do know what you are going threw

  4. i think your poem is good but you should add some more lines and dont think about the people from the past because there is a good reason there not in your future now

  5. i so realte to this he cheated on me i catched him wit a gurl. i dont see him at all. he doesnt no wat he does to me. i cant forget about him even tho i try the most i can. i still cry every nite cuz of the pain he left in me hurts more than anything. i use to cut but theirs no use anymore. tryed to kill my self but it was dumb of me cuz i was guna kill myself over a guy. i may never forget the memories that we have. the good and bad ones but mostly the bad ones will always be plaing in my mind every day

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