Cool Funny Poems is a collection of our favorite famous poems and poetry submitted by our viewers. We have compiled various Love Poems, Inspirational Poems and many more Funny Poems which are all time immemorial. We have also added some Funny Quotes and Sayings for our readers..This is our small bit to immortalize them. So enjoy these and have a nice day..


Emo Poems on Goodbye

It’s crying out again calling my name,
Come here just one more slice, calls out the blade
Its addiction, maybe it’s just I feel hope,
You give me freedom, wings to fly away
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Love Poem on Just Me And You

Why do I have to be cursed with these feelings for you?
These are the feelings that you’ve never felt.
I wish the world revolved around us two,
Just me, you and no body else.
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Funny Poem on Scooby Dooby Do

Scooby Dooby Doo
Took a poo
Shagy thought it was chocolate
Shagy took a bite
He turned all white
Thats the end of shagy

By Knight

Emo Poem On Bleed And Cry

Watch me cry
watch me bleed
I’m lonely inside
If only you could see
the pain that I hide

The darkness in my heart
The tears that hold inside
That rips me apart.
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Emo Poem on A Teenage Girl

I am just a teenage girl
Who wishes to be away from this world
I cry all night
Seem fine all day

But when I’m alone my feelings sway
Do I want to doin
can I go on
I have been suffering for so long
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Break Up Poem on I Thought

I thought I really loved you.
I thought you were all mine
But then you ended the best relationship I have had
You certainly are “One of a kind”
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Short Funny Poem On Gummy Bear

Gummy Bears
One is red, One is Blue..
One Almost stole my shoes.
To the Fair,
Down the stairs.
In the grass,
Running fast
I have to get away,
Or they’ll chase me all day!

By Lacy Barnes

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