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Beautiful Poem on The Real Her

The Real Her

She Never Smile
But Her Pain She Hide
She Act Crazy
But Really Inside

She Really wanna Cry
No-One To talk To, No Where To Turn To
Only Thing She can Do Is Burn
She Look Back On Her Past And Wonder Why It Does Not Last

She Cries Herself To Sleep And to Forget She Fight
No One Know , Why Because She Do not Show..
But No One Really Know But This Is The Real her. .

By Nyeelah Foster

Red Rains Bliss

Red Rain’s Bliss

Begin with a whisper
A thought if you may
A shred of hope lost again
To see the light of day

A tale once chiseled
For the start of time
As the bells ring out
Sing and chime
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Concrete Graveyards And Goals

Concrete forms many lines,
As it has takes many lives,
But each and every has a soul,
And into a graveyard it accomplishes a goal,
What is it you might ask?
Sometimes it’s nothing more than a simple task: EVERLASTING PEACE.

By Brianne

Who I Am

Who I am?
Why since you asked.
I am the girl who is shy and gets by the past.
Sometimes it last’s sometimes I wind up in a cast.
All the pain and all the hurt why It’s just a daily thing .
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Land Of Lies

I stand in a land of black and white
The lights float around at shoulder height
They whisper words into my ears
They tell me what I want to hear

I know their game and I know how it’s played
They follow me through the sunless glade
They whisper me lies and tell me untruths
They tell them to me and they’ll tell them to you
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Moons And Stars

Moon is like a pearl in sky
Stars are like the diamonds high
Shimmering like a striking light
Glowing through all the night

Stars are like the flower beds
Moon shines over our heads
I get lost in thoughts of moon and stars
Sitting alone keeping the door ajar
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I Am Suffocating,
And I Just Need To Breathe.
I’m Smothered Under Pressure,
I Must Be Relieved.

Nothing I Do Is Right,
Nothing I Say Is Fair,
I Cry And Scream And Throw A Fit,
But No One Seems To Care.
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