Break Up Poems and Poetry

Break Up Poem on I Thought

I thought I really loved you.
I thought you were all mine
But then you ended the best relationship I have had
You certainly are “One of a kind”
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My Broken Heart

My broken heart
Swelled outta my ribs
Giving a throbbing pain
Of happiness? Joy?

No one knows
Blood flows down my eyes
Down my merciful body
And leaks on the floor
Scars mark my arms
A reminder he existed
What happened?
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As they come screaming down my face
I become a huge disgrace
I wipe them away and try to hide
But there’s still the pain inside

The guilt is the first to come to my sight
But nothing can change the way I feel
When they seep through my eyes on this sad plight
All of the sadness is just to reak
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Left Me Heart Broken

The girl who left me heart broken,
She was the only one for me,
She filled my heart with glee,
I loved her for that she be,
Forgive me baby I plee,
She made me cut deep,
Left me reckless with no sleep

By Kieran Simpson

Broken Heart Will Never Heal

A broken heart can only take so much,
A broken heart will never heal,
Band-aids only hold so long,
A heart that weighed so much is now gone,
He didn’t know he meant so much now I am gone and cant come back,
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He Is Gone

He Is Gone now out of my life
He stole my heart by cutting it out of
My chest and leaving it on the ground he
Kissed my body but when he was done
He stood up and walked away from my dead body
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The Wound Left

The wound left by the blade of steel bleeds out as she lies head in hand.
Wondering why her once seemingly perfect life took such a terrible stand.

She cries every night craving what her old, perfect life used to hold.
Her friends, her smile, her family, her unbreakable stronghold.

Her heart is broken by the one who she thought she loved more then anything.
He took her heart, her trust and her love and threw it away, now her wrists are aching.
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