Christmas Poems

Night Before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas,
And all through the kitchen,
My mother was cooking some delicious chicken.
All of the sudden,
The lightbulb broke,
And my mother randomly started to choke.
In a flash, superman came.
My brother thought his costume was lame.
And instead of rescuing the day,
He ate up my dinner,
And he flew away!
Santa burnt the house with dynamite and flares,
I guess I was on the naughty list, next year, I’ll care!

By Pepse.girl

Christmas Comes

Sweep the ingle, froth the beer,
Tiptoe on till chanticleer,
Loose the laugh, dry the tear,
Crack the drums
When Christmas comes!


Christmas Kiss

Let’s Kiss For Christmas,
For our love is strong,
Let’s Kiss For Christmas,
Together is where we belong,
With passion so much brighter,
Than any sparkling light,
We’ve waited so long,
And prayed for this night,
Let’s Kiss For Christmas,
Let’s Kiss For Christmas!

by Trade Martin

Christmas Cheers

Good husband and housewife, now chiefly be glad,
Things handsome to have, as they ought to be had.
They both do provide, against Christmas do come,
To welcome their neighbors, good cheer to have some.
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