Daughter Poems

Poor Girl

Poor girl she cries,
she could never see why,
Daddy would always beat her,
until she almost died.
She woke up this morning,
Pale as the moon,
she watched her father yell
how his face made her gloom.

She went to see mommy
she wasn’t in sight,
She was scared she left,
Daddy came to her,
Smacked her once,
He said”You did this!
you did it to us!”
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Affection Of a Father

The affection of a father is, daughter,
Sweet melody of a song is, daughter,
Live dream of every passionis, daughter,
A unique gift of universe is, daughter
Dear of dearest face is, daughter,
Don`t pluck these flowers,
Let them blossom …

By Dr. Ram Sharma

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