Death Poems and Poetry

Death Poem on The Dark

A dark room in the mid of day
A striped sweater black and white
A bellowing at the door trying to come in
Surrounded by darkness
Light never enters
A brief whisper leads me off of this planet and onto the next
Goodbye world goodbye

By Sarah Daugherty


Blood runs like a river down my wrist,
It took until now, but everything else you missed.
I walk through the grave yard that night,
Cuz I know soon I’ll be outta sight.

Around the corner my death lay,
At the moment it has to be this way.
Your screaming my name,
But nothing will be the same.
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I Stand Dark

As I stand in the dark not making a sound,
Dropping my weapon I fall to the ground,
Everything is blurry but before my eyes go black,
I start thinking to myself knowing I’ll never come back,
Looking at the floor blood surrounds my body,
And grabbing my phone cause someone starts to call me,
I go to answer and I hear that its him,
But before I could speak everything goes dim,
Partially hearing him tell me he’d made a mistake,
My body starts to tremble and my hands to shake,
Before I know it I’m lying on the floor,
Blue, purple, and cold cause I’m not alive anymore.

By Ali

Death Awaits

The clouds above hover, all dark and gray
The black hooded figure is on his way
You get on your knees and begin to pray
You know that you will soon see your last day
But you remember the time when you danced in sunrays
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Death vs Me

I’m struggling
I’m trying to beat it
It’s a match
With strength and endurance
Death keeps staring at me
With those devil eyes of his
Whispering things
No human has ever heard before
I’m not where I should be
I don’t think I ‘m ready on what
Is about to happen
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What Happened That Day

What happened that day
26th of november – a wednesday
the day when mumbai was turned upside down
and terrorists blowed up the entire town
men, women, children – none did they spare
and the politicians – did they care??
bobs were blasted, bullets – fired
but the terrorists weren’t tired
many a hundred men died
and others who lived – cried
peace came soon after
but for a long time, there was no laughter
and though the wounds inflicted on the taj will soon disappear
one thing is crystal clear
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Mortal Side

SHE died,—this was the way she died;
And when her breath was done,
Took up her simple wardrobe
And started for the sun.
Her little figure at the gate
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