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Emo Poem on Scars Will Scream

What I use is my secret to keep
My broken hear speaks the least
My tears that stream never peep
My scars do the talking for those who do no
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Emo Poem on I Used To Be A Cutter

I use to be a cutter
Had a lot on my mind
Everyone said move forward
And leave my thoughts behind
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Emo Poems on Goodbye

It’s crying out again calling my name,
Come here just one more slice, calls out the blade
Its addiction, maybe it’s just I feel hope,
You give me freedom, wings to fly away
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Emo Poem On Bleed And Cry

Watch me cry
watch me bleed
I’m lonely inside
If only you could see
the pain that I hide

The darkness in my heart
The tears that hold inside
That rips me apart.
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Emo Poem on A Teenage Girl

I am just a teenage girl
Who wishes to be away from this world
I cry all night
Seem fine all day

But when I’m alone my feelings sway
Do I want to doin
can I go on
I have been suffering for so long
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Was It Really Worth

I sat in my room, in the corner of my bed,
With my razor in my hand, Wishing I was dead.
I think to myself as I slice through my wrists,
Would they even care if I didn’t exist?
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Being Fourteen

I am fourteen.
I drank too much caffeine,
I vomited it; its color was green.
I hope it was unseen.
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