Funny Friendship Poems

Until The End

I will follow you until the end,
through the drama of our lives,
when you cry your tears of sorrow,
I’ll be here to comfort you

When I scream of hurt and loss,
you’re always there to hug me
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My Friend My Friend

My friend, My friend when we first met
We were learning the alphabet.
Now we are older we move on and see
That I am not happy when only me.

I need that push
That shoulder
That Voice
To help when I make a choice.
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My Friends Are My Sisters

My friends are the best in the west
You can’t ever get such in the world!
There shoulders are there for you to cry on!
They make you smile they make you proud

Even though we have a few fights we still get a long
Which is why I say my friends are the best in the west!
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Best Friends

Friends last a long time
But best friends last forever
Friends may backstab you
Best friends would never.

Friends are great
But best friends are greatest.
Friends may lie to you
Best friends expose the fakest.
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Our Friendship Bachelor of the Year

To my bachelor of the year
What would I do without your ears?
You listen, you care, give advice and share.
When I need to breathe, you become air,
To my little cutie pie,
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My Friend

My friend
Gives me pleasure
Calls to me in my wake
Beckons me closer
With that oh so addicting pleasure
I answer her call
Reaching for the needle
Hoping to get away from this disease called life
She awards me with ecstasy
And I to her with my soul
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Story Of Two Friends

We grew apart
We drift away
N today we stand on separate ways
Ways that won’t meet
Ways that won’t cross
Ways that will take us further apart

The day u moved away
A part of me went away
It’s difficult to imagine life without u
Best buddies that we were
I really wish it was for forever….
I wanted it to never change

But now that we have gone separate ways
I think it was a certain fate
No matter what the bygones say
You are my best friend
And will always remain

By Nidhi Puri

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