Funny Birthday Poems

How Will You Look Like

How will you look like,
How will you be will you look like daddy or me,
Ten little fingers ten little toes,
A wrinkled up forehead and a cute button nose,
You will be crying with that first cold touch
And so will I because I love you so much


On Friends Birthday

Surprises and wishes will come true
Your 12 years old happy birthday to you ,
Friends forever never forget
How we met we’ll never regret,
Our friendship is like two roses that grows and grows

We’ll never stop smiling were ever we go,
Jasmine like the flowers in the Philippines
Jasmine as my best friend to me,
When we talk or when we play around we put smiles all around,
Chasing Colin & Jake and having the best time of our lives
Bumping into each other was the best surprise.

By Jasmine Monsod

Forgot My Birthday

With eyes of blue and hair of yellow
You made me feel like a lucky fellow
You forgot my birthday but ok it’s
And the best present is the perfect kiss..

By Natali

I Love You on your Birthday

I Want To Say I Love You On Your Birthday!
I want to say I love you on your birthday,
Though love is something you don’t want from me.
Things didn’t go so well when I last said it,
And so I’ll keep it silent in my heart.
But how the words reverberate within me!
A song that I must struggle not to sing,
A music I must dance to without motion,
A poem that I must never read aloud.
Your wishes are a wall I would not scale,
Yet won’t abandon, loathe to leave behind.
I cannot have, and cannot bear to lose you,
And so I send you this in my despair.

The Gift

Hey it’s your birthday
The time has come
It’s an important moment
Coming from the Bay

I got you a gift
You can’t figure it out
Please do me a favor
And work my midnight shift

You only have to work till 2
My uniform color is blue
Someone will make a surprise visit
And you’ll never know who
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Special Bouquet of Flowers

Happy Birthday dearest friend,
To me you are heavens end,
I’ve never known a brighter spirit,
With all good thoughts and deeds of merit.

A kinder person I’ve rarely known,
Your friendship true and love you’ve shown,
So today my special friend,
With all my love I do send.

special bouquets of all God flowers,
Filled with prayers with all His powers,
To keep you safe throughout your days,
and strength no matter what comes your way.

Birthday Cake

Why is birthday cake so good?
I love it oh so much!
It’s good to eat – but even more –
I think it’s nice to touch!

It’s squashy pink and sticky white
And stuffed with special goo.
With candy roses on the top –
One time my piece had two!

I like to blow the candles out.
I like to make the wish.
But more than all I like to lick
The frosting off the dish.

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