Funny Love Poems

Love Poem on You Loved Her

You told me you loved her
Now I don’t know what to do.
I smiled and said just pick her
I’ll be fine not having you.
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Love Poem on Just Me And You

Why do I have to be cursed with these feelings for you?
These are the feelings that you’ve never felt.
I wish the world revolved around us two,
Just me, you and no body else.
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Funny Love Poem on Don’t Forget Me

You forget your purse
But u didn’t forget me
You forget your keys
You didn’t forget me
You forgot your wallet
Oh no! you didn’t forget me
Because I am you
And you are me
I’ll never forget you or me

By Tatiauna Jones

Love Poem on I Desire Thee

How much do I desire thee?
Like a spider praying a fly happens upon its’ web
Like a stoner craves a piece of something chocolatey and sweet
Like the girl next door who just wants a peep
Like a married man just begging for some
Like a child wishing summer would just hurry up and come
If only you knew just how much I desire thee……

By Ashley T.

Love 365 Days

Monday Well BABY,I felt for you
Tuesday I wrote you this poem
Wendseday I wait outside your door even though I know it’s wrong
7 days a week,every hour of the month
Gotta let you know wear my heart is coming from
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Blue Birds Sing

The blue birds sing
My heart starts to ring
A voice on the old radio starts to sing
And we start to begin
Your body fells so unreal
I lose all my scene of what is real
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Love Is Warm

Love is warm and love is hot
Love means kissing every spot
Love is sleeping arms en-twined
Love is you -you are so kind
Love you, man, with all my heart

Never let us be apart
Love you so with all my might
For our love I’ll always fight
Stay with me a century
Dearest man, how I love thee !

By Christina

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