Funny Love Poems

I Found My Love

Sat in a shadow,
All alone,
Never had love,
Never had anything to be honest,
I’ve been hidden away for many many years.
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Hard To Say

I love you is hard to say,
But I do it everyday.
I close my eyes,
Look up to the skies.
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Love Is Sweet

Love is decile and love is sweet,
Just like the days we meet.
Your touch your kiss your sweet supple lips
Oh and those swinging h*ps
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Love Of Spiders

“My dear,” she said
“Love me to death do us depart”
“Ohhhh ….” he yelled in terror
“No need for that”;
she said biting into his thigh “This is love at first sight”
Three-four gulps and the nuptials was over
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Calmness Of Love

Such calmness,
When you are by my side,
Feels like a different world.
A different world.

I belong here,
This place of just you and me,
This calmness I pray
To last for eternity.
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Meeting You

I found myself in meeting you,
The love I’ve been searching for…
The reason behind my smile,
The one I’m willing to give my all.
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The Reason I Live

Light up my way
Light up my eyes; this fire
It burns and consumes
I sit warm and comfortable as you
Speak with your tongue intertwined with my heart
It feels like you are the only one for me
You laugh when I ask you who you
Think you are telling me
Who I can and cannot date
I’m not your damn business anymore, Love
You made my flowers bloom and you
Turned away and they rotted and died yet you remain
The reason I live,
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