Funny Rhymes

I Water

I water a tree
I water a flower
I lift my leg
And give you a shower

By Austin

I Tried

I tried to rest, but I was to stressed,
I tried to cry, but my tears would just dry,
I tried to love, but my heart wouldn’t love,
I tried to be me, and my friends wouldn’t let me
I tried, I tried, and I’ve cried and cried ,

Will I try to rest and love again …..?

By Shane Amos

I Am A Dog

I am a DOG
And you are a FLOWER
I lift my LEG UP
And give you a SHOWER

By Mike

The Air Was Thick

The air was thick with a terrible smell
Everyone in the car going through hell
Everyone jumping just like my heart
I sighed and I grimaced
Why’d my friend have to fart?

By Lea

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate, hot chocolate
So sweet, so hot
I like to drink it every day,
Even though it makes my teeth rot.

By Michael Matthews

I Think Of You

I think of you all the time
Cuz I saw you running last night
Chasing by a big dog, then got bite
ah that hilarious , what a sight

By Rion

Let The Sun Shine

Let the sun shine in…
Face it with a grin…..
Smilers never lose….
Frowners never win…

By Sierra

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