Goodbye Poems

Goodbye Poems on Saying GoodBye

There is a meaning behind every word,
There is hatred behind every sword,
And for every person
That has ever died,
Their sweet memories have been left behind
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If I Were

If I were
To die today
Would anyone care?
Would anyone come
To my funeral?
Would anyone plan one?
Would my parents even notice that I’m gone?
Would my boyfriend
Who I’ve loved so dearly
Ever love again?
Would the preps and the jocks
Miss the kid they’ve made fun of for so long?
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Day by day, I think of you
How can all of this be true?
I can’t believe, your really gone
I still can’t accept it, even after so long.

Just the thought of you, makes me cry
I never even got the chance, to say good bye!
Every picture, every letter
I don’t know, if it’ll ever get better.
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Dear Friend

Goodbye, dear friend and graduate!
Our golden time is over now,
Our time of nothing more than time,
Days of simply being friends.
But I will always treasure how
Your love for me slipped into mine,
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