Funny Inspirational Poems

Inspirational Poem on Think of Dreams

I look in the distance
And, I think of my dreams
I have many goals
But as I stumble along
I come across holes
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For my Shining Star Mrs Juliet

When I was alone and no-one knew,
When I was in need and no-one cared,
When I was lost and no-one searched,
I always saw a Star shining in heaven,
I always knew you were there.
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A Young Nation Singapore

A young nation we may be
But we have accomplished many things
Combining our strengths
Doing our best
Excelling in our studies

Fellow Singaporeans
Getting all pumped up
Having the Singapore spirit
Isn’t it
Just wonderful
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Dont Lose Hope

Don’t be discouraged on what’s around you
The world is big and you’re not the only one
Stop acting like you’re alone because your not
They might not be close by but there are people out there who know what you are

What you’re going through
So don’t act like I don’t care
Don’t act like I don’t understand
Because truth is, we know more then you
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The Greatest Accomplishments In Life

To dream, to dare make true;
To fail, improve and learn from, in times due.

To change, evolve, and become stronger than before;
To recognize and overcome past pains from closed doors.

To share and love someone with talk, touch and time;
To see what is not there, yet feel its glow and shine.

To believe in oneself, in the face of adversity;
To express oneself, let go of fears, and enjoy life’s diversity.
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Fake Hopes And Dreams

Fake hopes and dreams
Die by the age of thirteen
You start to understand
You see the world isn’t in the palm of your hand anymore
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Dont Be A Roadblock

Don’t be a roadblock
Be a river or a tree
Don’t try to stop another’s fight to be free

Be like a river, let kindness come first
Welcome the stranger and quench their thirst

Be like a shade tree, let comfort rise
Shelter the Ladies and Tramps just alike
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