Military Poems

Veterans Day

On Veterans day we honour all
Each gave their best enduring call
God bless each one for being there
All our servicemen did their share.

Soldiers young and soldiers old
Fought the war brave and bold
They fought in Jungle, dessert, land and sea
If not for them where would we be.
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Remembering Them

I decided to write a poem,
About what remembrance means to me,
It’s for all the souls who gave their lives,
Just so we’d be free.

For all the people who fought on the ground,
Their spirit never dies,
For all the ones who sailed the waters,
And the ones who ruled the skies.
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The graves on the hill
Under which bodies lie still
Veiled from battle
Once dressed to kill

Beneath death’s canopy
A deafening cacophony
The crack of a bullet
And a brooding symphony

Their ghosts suspended
Then abruptly transcended
Irreparable wounds
Their war has ended

The graves on the hill
That I think of still
Veiled in peace
Obeying God’s will…

This poem was written by James K. Webb . This poem is about his time in Kosovo when he was in the Army(Military).

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