Missing You Poems

Miss You

Hope your ok…
been awhile…a long day
Miss your smile that brought me peace
Your warm embrace…then the release
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Begin With A Whisper

Begin with a whisper
A thought if you may
A shred of hope lost again
To see the light of day

A tale once chiseled
For the start of time
As the bells ring out
Sing and chime
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Timeless Memory

When time comes rolling back,
Tears flow from my eyes,
For the love that you have shown,
For the love that never dies.
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Its such a treat for me
to see your handsome face
In my heart you’ll always have
a very special place
I wish that we could be
but alas you have no time for me

By Laura Moules
for Alun jones

I Cannot Forget

I cannot forget all the moments we had
Knowing that all is gone keeps making me sad
I cannot hide the tears that are falling
And every time I hear my phone I wish it is you that’s calling
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Because I Love You

I hear when you breathe,
I hold up my hands,
Fell on my knees,
And before I speak I wonder,

You came to my life, making it rock,
When I was about to burst,
You came and hold my trust,
I was there when u cry.
Reminded the movements when I fly
You make me smile and i?
Ah!! I remember that sight,
I am lost again,
Nothing to feel,
And loosing ma mind,
I can’t hold on ma breath
As I am going to die
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To My Dream Girl

The things I’d do for you baby
The things I’d do, I would die…
A glance of you drives me crazy
Those lips were made to kiss mine

You look at me with sad eyes
baby girl I hold you tight & say its alright…
Running tears down her face…
Kiss her cheek & say its okay
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