Naughty Poems

Naughty Poem on Blue Ball

Her eyes are so blue,
But her mood is too,
And I never knew she could do
The crazy things she used to do.
But like I said shes always blue,
But when she sat on my lap a hour flew.
And when I stood up,
My balls was blue.

By Derrick Dennis

A Message from Peach

I am a Princess Blonde and chique
Some jealous mushrooms think me weak
But I will tell you one small thing
Me and Bowser have a fling
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Oh Woo Is Me

The lass, disarming,
Had my mind swarming
With thoughts alarming
My hormones warming
Am I Prince Charming?

By Tom Harris


Pimple pimple on the face
Comes without leaving any space
It hurts when it bursts
We suffer when we are meatured
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