Romantic Poems and Poetry about Romance

All I Wanted

All I wanted from you was to walk hand in hand,
And to sit there at night just us on the sand,
To hug me as I wept,
And to hold you as we slept.

All I wanted from you was to love me forever,
Because to me you were my four leaved clover,
You were my silver horse’s shoe,
You loved me for me and I loved you for you,
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She Is So Beautiful

She’s so beautiful that it just takes my breath away.
She smiles as bright as day.
She sings like the next Beyonce.
She is my one and only everything, friend, sister from another mister, and family.

Looking into her eyes they seem to sparkle
Her hair is like a curly cue, never skipping a beat.
If she could see that I care
If she could only tell me what’s wrong so I could make it better.
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My Special Valentine

When I first saw you,
I noticed your beautiful smile,
I really wanted to talk to you,
But I knew it would take a while.

Then that day finally happened,
And you came into my life,
And I was so very proud,
When you made me your wife.
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A Lovers Night

Alas today is the day that I become someone
Today I can do anything I can live on a tree
I can fall off a clift 30 ft high
I can fall in love with a really hot guy
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When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes,
I see your face,
I see your smile,
I see your beautiful body.

When I close my eyes,
I hear your voice,
I hear your laughter,
I hear you sing.
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The Girl

She makes my day,
Just by saying hey.
She gives me butterflies in my belly,
When she kisses me all I can say is WOO NELLY.
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Hug Me Again

Whisper sounds
that comfort,
that soothe
the soul and
float softly into my mind.

Your words
wrap around my heart
and sizzle into my nerves
warming my body.
It’s delicious.

contain my feelings
and slide them into their
own hearts.
We fly.
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