Sad Poems and Poetry

Falling Apart

Home alone,
You break down,
Letting out everything,
Crying as loud as you can.

Your family come home,
And here you go,
Fake smile, fake laugh,
Pretend everything is okay.

They don’t suspect a thing,
They don’t notice their child is falling apart…

By Gracia

I Moved Out

They suddenly came in
Like they were drunk
And ran off
just like punks,
when they see this they’ll be mad
I really hate you mum and dad!
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Writing With Tears

Writing this with tears on my pen,
Just one shot then I’ll be happy again,
My pain will be gone along with my fears,
I keep to myself they hide them with tears,
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She Never Even Smiles

She never even smiles,
But her pain she hides.
She stares so blankly,
Only in herself she confides.

She doesn’t let anyone in,
Too afraid to take the risk.
To ever show her bruises,
Or the scars on her wrists.
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My Tears

My lips begin to dry and the hate begins to grow
But you can’t see you can never see what you have done to me
I put on a mask to hide the tears and the heart ache
I just want you back I just want the pain to go away
And Heart will stray to the land of hopes and dreams
The tears will stop
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Sadness wont come out

I know that I shouldnt be sad
Beecause they wasn’t any thing to be sad about at the start
But I cant take it any more
I’m losing myself
You dont care about me
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Soul Is Asleep

As Darkness looks at me
My body is weak
For I walk to his dark eyes
For my soul cannot be saved
As I surrender to his dark might
Forever my soul is asleep

By Alex Edwards

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