Short Funny Poems and Poetry

Funny Poem on Scooby Dooby Do

Scooby Dooby Doo
Took a poo
Shagy thought it was chocolate
Shagy took a bite
He turned all white
Thats the end of shagy

By Knight

Short Funny Poem On Gummy Bear

Gummy Bears
One is red, One is Blue..
One Almost stole my shoes.
To the Fair,
Down the stairs.
In the grass,
Running fast
I have to get away,
Or they’ll chase me all day!

By Lacy Barnes

Short Funny Poem on School

School School School
The ring of the bell
That awful smell
The sound of those lockers…
And all those gossipers
When you see those creatures
You know they must be teachers
That three o’clock bell
Just makes you want to yell
School School School
Your such a fool

By Eric Gray

A Slice of Life

Rather than trying to scam her,
George thought it best to use candor.
“Oh, lovely wife, Bess,
Now let me confess,
I’m on my way to philander.”
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Two Four

Two, four, six, eight,
I must run and not be late,
Eat my food, clean the plate
Two, four, six, eight

Jiahal Halluf

Cats Sleep Anywhere

Cats sleep anywhere,
Any table, Any chair,
Top of piano, Window liege,
In the middle,On the edge,
Open door, Empty shoe,
Any body’s,Lap will do,
Fitted in a cardboard box,
In a cupboard,
With your frocks,
Any where they don’t care,
Cats sleep anywhere!

By Freya Elliott

I Really Love

I really love hotels
Yes, it is quite true
I stay in them when visiting
The White House or the zoo

I had a bad experience
That caused me to waken
The maid did walk in on me
While I was naked!

By Beaudacious

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