Stupid Poems and Poetry about Stupidity

Stupid Poem on If Pigs Could Fly

If pigs could fly
They’d be hard to fry.
Bacon, Bacon It’s so yummy.
I want it in my tummy.
If pigs could soar,
My stomach would be poor.

By Jesse Hays

Elephants Dreaming

Elephants dreaming of orange shaped fish,
Cornflowers surfing down pickle strewn paths
Great crested grebes with thorns in their hooves
Suitcases drunk in a queue for a stamp
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Have A Nice Day

Hey hey hey!!
I’m listing to the fray
Dont call me gay
their okay
My friends name is Jose
My other friends is Renee
My horse goes nay
I fell like saying YAYYY!!
I am completely allay
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There was was a guy name Gary
Who married a girl name Mary
he pulled dwn her pants
Took a strange glance
And saw it was very hairy:)

By Chloe

Soaring Bird

A bird soaring high and high in the sky
As soon as i i look in the sky
it craps in my eye……

By lucas

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