Valentine Poems

What Is Love

The age old question. what is love?
Isn’t it the greatest gift from the holy one above
Is it pure and white like a newborn dove?

Does it cuddle you up like a hand in a glove?
What is love? A simple but hard question
What is love? I have a suggestion
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Tomorrow is St Valentine’s Day
All in the morning betime,
And I a maid at your window,
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Beautiful Love

If I could spend a day with you,
we’d never get enough of each other’s company.
We’d hold hands as we strolled
along the beach and we’d talk about everything.

If I could spend an evening with you,
I’d cherish each minute that we’re together.
I’d stare into your eyes,
and, without a single word,
you’d know how much I love you.

If I could spend a night with you,
I’d hold you in my arms the
whole night long…
and I’d make passionate love to you.

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