Weird Poems

Wierd Poem On Rudderless Ship

I am the rudderless ship,
lost in the middle of the hunted Bermuda
He who you heard tales of,
stricken in the forest of a thousand demons
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Horror Show

Ladies & gentlemen,
please take your seats
As your heart skips beats
As you watch our horror show
Because you never know
What’s gonna pop on the screen
That’ll make you scream
Put a popcorn in your mouth
Feel your eyeballs popping out
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Body To Body

Roses are red nuts are brown
Skirts go up pants go down
Body to body; Skin to skin
When its stiff stick it in
It goes in dry and comes out wet
The longer its in, the stronger it gets
It comes out dripping and starts to sag
But its not what you think its a used tetleys tea bag .

By Sunny Angel


Driven to the spot
Where we get shot
I open the gate
Cuz lil chase is a flake
Settin up the flag
kit is shootin with his mag
Weston with his MR-1
Wesley also has one
Chase and chase with their spyders
They are true fighters
Bill in his ghillie
Hes such a hillbilly
Wyatt the lil beast
Getting ready to be released
The game has begun
Its time for some fun
Runnin through the brush
In a quiet hush
Playin till the end
Then we can tend
And care for our cuts
This game sure takes guts

By Chase Taylor Harrison

This is about me and my buddies out paintballin.I am a redneck so thats y there is slang

Sisters Are Cool

Love is love
hate is hate
i watch my sister masterbate.
chips are chips
bread is bread
sometimes my sister gives me head.
pop is pop
spam is spam
i have my sister jacking off on cam.
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Hide In The Shadows

I hide in the shadows in day,
and come out at night
to stalk my prey .
i’m am inubis god of death
and you are my slave.

By jonah beer

Spider On My Arm

I think its very hairy
I think its getting hard
I think its very bounce
And what is the bagy thing
Its flopping all around
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