An Awful Poem

I wrote an awful poem,
it was bad in the extreme,
I showed it to my sister,
and it made my sister scream.

I gave it to my mother and she promptly flipped her slid,
my father blew a gasket
and my little brother hid.

I brough it with me
to school today,
my teacher nearly fainted
and my friends ran away.

I never knew how amazing it will be
it was just blast!
I’ll make another one.

By Sandra R.

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49 Responses to “An Awful Poem”

  1. Awesome

  2. Dear Sandra R,
    May i please use your poem to make a poetry video out of it for a class. Please.

  3. funnnyy


  5. i like men

  6. hehehe! well….. not bad!

  7. What was the poem exactly that made the people ran and scream with terror?

  8. This takes the cake. This poem has brought me awake! Im going to use this poem for class. Hopefully, I pass!

  9. i thought it was awesome, could use a better end thought.

  10. awesome poem watz the other poem that made ppl run in fright???

  11. hahaha
    taht made me laugh

  12. wow i really need to get one of those!
    do they work on ex-boy friends?

  13. LOL thats awesome.

  14. Lol that was great but i really want to know about what made everyone scream. lol tell us please.

  15. awesome maby if i write one ill get rid of my case worker….

  16. coooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll………………..




  17. “The way to love”
    The hottest love has the coldest end.
    There is no solution for love than to love more than you can ever love
    the way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost and never found
    it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

    By: Kristen Greenwell

  18. may i use it for poem in the pocket thanks.

  19. thats a great poem OMG!!!!!!

  20. hey funny poem

  21. impressive

  22. O sweet poem lol,by any chance u got dat other poem? It’d be great for mi e.l.a classes

  23. omg, ive been looking ALL DAY LONG 4 a good poem in language class. i have finally found it. THANK U SO MUCH.

  24. awsome… im using this for school!!!!!!!!!

  25. weird!!!!!:)

  26. I dont know what i will do without her,
    because she makes my mornings good
    she is the one who helps me when thing get hard
    and when i need a friend for a wound
    she’s the best person i met in this life
    and i wont’ change ger for another one
    eventhough she gets really crazy i wound’nt change her
    and knowing i wound see ger one day
    it makes me cry and don’t know what to do
    but it her that i want to see
    and never lose her…

  27. nice and cool poem

  28. hehe awsum :)


  30. =))
    so coooooool and funny

  31. lol nice

  32. this poem is funny.

  33. Really nice work, good rhyming 2

  34. OMG what a poem

  35. rwally an awful poem.
    wat a thinking!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I really like it isnt it.what a thought.

  37. Wow thats really good, lol

  38. i really like the middle
    awsom! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  39. the funniest awful poem i have never read !!!!!….;-]

  40. too boring stupid poeams.I hate it totally
    that a poeam

  41. i loved that poem so much…
    that i decided to make one much like suck….
    there will be a few differences…..
    and less sentences 😉

  42. This poem is pretty kewl yo. Tony, your a freak.

  43. That is so funny. I’m going to tell everyone!!!!!

  44. LOL, good poem 😛 it was funny!

  45. XD that wuz hilarious im laughing my head off each time i read it, it nvr gets old

  46. This is so funny,I am going to show it to my schoolmates

  47. this peom was hilarious.kool job by tha way and pleeeeeese tell us about tha poem that was so aweful

  48. This is a talent. Please write more. Humour is not easy to come by. You have the touch. Little envy going on here.
    Thank you for a bit of uplift. Old Dad (age 81)

  49. you guys are really funny

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