Banana Nut

Banana nut butt is his name
playing with bananas is his game
he loves bananas
and he has yellow bandanas
he has lots of friends
with him the fun never ends
so come hang out with us
our hearts are full of trust….

SUBMITTED bY Mia C. Hiller

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5 Responses to “Banana Nut”

  1. This is a bananaey poem! I think it is weird. I like the banana nut butt poem. I’m using it for my thing.

  2. hehee…funy

  3. wow that was cool and kinda weird lawlz

  4. nice 1 i really like the poem … plz i wanted u 2 write a different poem again… thannk q

  5. woooo that was a nice peom…. i love it

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