Like A Clown

I feel like a clown
thats why I’m so down
this is not any fun
because you weigh a ton.

I do not like you
because you are a piece of poo
so go away and leave me alone
before i kill you with a bone..

By Joe Schmo

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12 Responses to “Like A Clown”

  1. have a short poem adout summer

  2. OK that made no scince and it was really retarded and half of it didn’t ryhme lol maybe you should try to rhyme some other time.

    lol,i did better than you and i wasn’t even trying to lol

  3. your a big piece of poo & i dont like u !
    so hah! i rhyme better than u !

    im a poet & i didnt even know it! so hah.
    suck on that !

  4. wwwoww

  5. that very stupid my little cousin can do better wow what a retard

  6. cool poem

  7. nigga u is crazy!!!!

  8. GJ really funny (kinda creepy lol)

  9. roses are red violets, are blue, some poems rhyme and some don’t

  10. i bet poo can rhyme better then u wait did that rhyme nm no.
    Better lucknext time

  11. little birdy on my chair
    i sit on it
    i fart on it
    little birdy on my chair
    fainted and flattend on my chair!

  12. so nice poet!!!
    oh yea rank 1

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