Underwear Poem

As soon as Fred gets out of bed
His underwear goes on his head.
His mother laughs “Don’t put it there,
A head’s no place for underwear!”
But near his ears, above his brains,
Is where Fred’s underwear remains.
At night when Fred goes back to bed,
He deftly plucks it off his head
His mother switches off the light
And softly croons,”Good night! Good night!”
And then, for reasons no one knows
Fred’s underwear goes on his toes.

By Linn

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4 Responses to “Underwear Poem”

  1. I love this poem it the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  2. hahahah that was to funny and also very sweet poem god bless the one who made it;)…

  3. i will use this poem to tease my friend because we say he got bikinis and underwear on his birthday

  4. The best poem I`ve seen on this website, 5/5!

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