Her name was Misty she was only three her eyes were swollen she couldn’t see she thought she was stupid she thought she was bad she always wondered what made her daddy so mad she wished she were better she wished she weren’t ugly she always wondered why won’t mommy hug me she can’t speak at all she can’t do wrong or else she’s locked up all day long when she awake she’s all alone the house is dark her folks aren’t home but when her but when her mommy does come home she’ll try to be nice so maybe she’ll get one whipping tonight don’t make a sound she just heard a car her daddy’s back from Charlie’s bar she hears him curse her name he calls she presses her self againt’s the wall she tries to hide from his evil eyes she’s so afraid now she’s starting to cry he finds her weeping he shouts ugly words he says it’s her fault that he suffers at work he hits her and smacks her and yells at her more at her more she finally gets free and runs for the door but hes already locked it and she starts to bawl as he takes her and throws her at the hard wall she falls to the floor with her bones nearly broken and her daddy continues with more bad words spoken the hurt and the pain again and again she prays oh god have mercy oh please let it end he finally stops and heads for the door as she lays there motionless sprawled on the floor

Her name was misty she was only three when she was murdered on Christmas Eve.
This poem is dedicated to my sister Misty.

By Brea Wilson

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5 Responses to “MISTY”

  1. May God be with you and confort you. You are never alone.

  2. i freaking love this poem i heard it in 5th grade in reading class itz so fucking sad!!!

  3. its not right what has happened but she is in a safer place

  4. I understand Brea I really do. Just remember that God dosen’t hate you. One day things will get better. One day you will see the light. Keep telling yourself that that day will come. Whether you are still on the Earth when that day comes is your choice….
    Choose thy life, love thy choice.
    Yesterday is history, tommorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, which is why they call it the present….

  5. hunnie you will get through this. i am terribly sorry for what has happened. may God bless you with everything. :]

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