Soaring Bird

A bird soaring high and high in the sky
As soon as i i look in the sky
it craps in my eye……

By lucas

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89 Responses to “Soaring Bird”

  1. dam that was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. awsome funny poem

  3. that was lovely i think you should further your knowledge for shit as a profession
    love you =D xxxx cut cut cut cut

  4. i love this poem it is my favorite one in the whole wide world!!!!!!!

  5. i love this poem it is awsome its my favorite one in the whole wide world

  6. this poem turns me on

  7. LOL XD this poem is awesome

  8. this is the most hilarious poem everrrr it almost made me pee my pants. lol

  9. Nice, made my mates laugh


  11. LEGANDARY!!!

  12. lol man

  13. that was pretty awsome would you lke it if i read this in front of my class

  14. once i read it read this poem in front of my class im going to tell my friends where to find it

  15. lol that was so freakin funny

    this poem made me laugh !!
    :) nice work

  17. ha ha ha thatz funni

  18. dAmn fuNNy

  19. Ahha, thats funny
    But your amug, for writting it.
    ahha, much love (L)

  20. LOL
    sound like something i would write ^^

  21. EPIC!!!

  22. this is amazing. i used this for my english poetry thing. :) pretty should make some more. c(:

  23. lmao nice


  25. That’s hilarious…………

  26. haha funny my name is dylan i go to mupu

  27. Buahahaha

  28. cool poem but it’s to short

  29. rock on man

  30. heh heh that is actualy kinda funny and i don’t say that alot, you are still a bed wetter though

  31. dude this poem is the funnyest poem i ever hear im defidentally reading this 2 my class on thursday =D

  32. that was a awesomely funny poem ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Short but funny

  34. LMFAO, too bad this wasn’t in real life. Best poem that I have ever read, keep it up with the poem writing.

  35. man this stuff was so funny LMAO.

  36. loll!!
    i wish i cud crap in yor eye too

  37. i understand that point

  38. hahaha i love thet poem

  39. hahahahaha hehehehehe thz was so funny write another funny one i love this one

  40. that was FUNNY…………..where is the sequel?

  41. ROFL i really want to use this one for school but i think she may fail me !!!!

  42. love the poem!

  43. alsome…….this poem is funny

  44. this is the best poem ive ever heard u rock xD

  45. dude that was the most awsome poem ever!

  46. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how the hell did you think of that, waz it just random, or am i returdd?

  47. lol soooo funny!

  48. Still laughing, very fun!

  49. That is hilarious!!! :)

  50. thats funny lolz πŸ˜›

  51. This really is the stupidest poem Ive ever heard in LIFE!

  52. awsomez….but howd the crap feel?

  53. ahahahahah!! so stupid.

  54. Don\’t let him fool you folks. It is pure plagerism. That has been a ryhme for over 30 years. Try being funny without using someone else\’s material.

  55. it was a pretty dum poem..but nice:BB

  56. i nedd funies

  57. This makes reading poems worthwhile.
    Just sooo funny!!

  58. for instance,
    Don’t laze around,
    Give me a hand,
    Now get to the ground,
    Right now I have band!

    I’ve been wasting my life,
    Talking to you,
    Oh my dear kitchen knife,
    Can’t you find something to do?

    Wow! I did good!

  59. hahahahah funny iits happened to me

  60. Haha pretty funny if i do say so myself. lol haha

  61. A. Funny
    B. Stupid
    C. Awsome
    D. All of the (above)
    D is the correct anwser

  62. Ken is right, but still…

  63. it’s a very nice funny poem please if you please make mor i love it


  65. awesome
    some of the best works in the world are long
    the best of the best is always kept short
    this was short…
    … and unbelievably AWESOME

  66. LOL best poem EVA!! I\’m gonna read this in front of my class tomorrow, 10 bucks their gonna laugh

  67. hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha so funnny lmao lmao lmao lmao hahahahahaha lafao

  68. this poem is a clasic

  69. So funny…next time wear glasses!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  70. it really funny lol

  71. funny poems on nature for children

  72. i see in the bird in the sky,
    as i look up it shits in my eye,
    i dont swear, i dont cry,
    i just thank god that cows dont fly…

  73. lol lol lol lol lol lol lolc πŸ˜€ that poem was so freacken funny i can’t stop laughing hahahaha………ok i stopped laughing

  74. lol gotta love this poem

  75. that isnt even funny u guys must be so wierd

  76. That was amazing; you made my day!!!

  77. it should have been longer
    i give it a thumbs up

  78. Wow thats’ all i can say..

  79. ha ha ha!!!

  80. Nice poem, also barrack obama u are not that black, NO!

  81. ha ha ha that was great i laught soooooooo heard

  82. Awesome work. Im going to scream that aloud in class. πŸ˜›

  83. OMG! The moat hilarious poem ever! Made my day! Made my brother and myself laugh for some good 30 minutes. Awesome!

  84. W3^RD BUT FUNNY!!

  85. omg my boyfriend and i just had the best laugh ever thanks stranger! XD

  86. hahahahahaha! OMGoodness, it actually made me laugh so hard. haha My eyes are getting watery. hahahaha

  87. pretty funny πŸ˜‰

  88. Ha ha ha, funny! all things short are awesome, people, poems anything!

  89. lol

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